Composer/Musician Christopher Hannan

quickly found his love for horror and the macabre, at a very young age.  After seeing the 1931 film FRANKENSTEIN at the age of four, it was then and there Chris had found his true passion. 

Halloween costumes each year, were always about being scary.

He also found a love for music, becoming a drummer at the age of 7. 

As well as playing with bands in his teen years, he would occasionally bang around on a piano/keyboard. Collecting vinyl soundtracks  of his fave horror films became an obsession.

" I would listen to John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN and THE FOG

 soundtracks over and over again...they haunted and inspired me, to  hopefully one day create and compose my own.  My interest and fear of cemeteries happened after seeing  Don Coscarelli's PHANTASM in 1979.  There's something so beautifully haunting  about being in a cemetery. It's a place of peace and serenity,  yet there's that creepy factor we all associate with.

My passion for horror & the macabre,  is such a major part of my lifestyle.

It's now finally time that I express that love & passion,  for this amazing genre musically."

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